So who am I to share my photos without being asked to?

Well, I guess taking a picture is actually to catch a brief second of time and make it last for eons, or at least a couple of years or so.. Why wouldn't someone want to share such a moment?

In this case that someone is me, David Wahlby. I guess I always had a bit of a fascination for photos but it wasn't until late 2010 that I, very much influenced by my good friend Robert Boström, "took a leap of faith" from crappy cell phone cams and pocket cameras to the real deal. I got myself a Nikon D90, and a few years later I went full frame with a Nikon D600.

So in other words what you'll find on these pages are my first small steps into the world of photography, and thus the small steps away from world of just taking pics. Hope you'll join my journey

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