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So who am I to share my photos without being asked to?

Well, I guess taking a picture is actually to catch a brief second of time and make it last for eons, or at least a couple of years or so.. Why wouldn't someone want to share such a moment?

In this case that someone is me, David Wahlby. I guess I always had a bit of a fascination for photos but it wasn't until late 2010 that I "took a leap of faith" from crappy cell phone cams and pocket cameras, to the real deal. I got myself a Nikon D90, and a few years later I went full frame with a Nikon D600. Today I'm still into the Nikon family and use a Nikon Z6

So in other words what you'll find on these pages are a few efforts by me to capture reality through the lens without any ambition to deliver something great.

Nevertheless.. I hope you'll enjoy your visit..   

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